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How to Register for Model ASEAN Meeting Universitas Pertamina?

To register, click "Registration" on the top menu of our website or click on this link

1. Fill in the registration form with your most valid and best answer.

2. Click "Submit".

3. Check your email for a response on what to do next. 

4. Wait for a few days while the committee reviews your application.

5. If accepted, follow the instructions in the email for any additional requirements as well as payment instructions.

6. If failed, we encourage you to repeat the registration with better answers.

7. Make sure you check your email, including your spam folder and promotions folder.

Is it possible to get a discount or scholarship?


While Model ASEAN Meeting Universitas Pertamina does not offer scholarships of our own, there our several way students may receive financial aid or help for this event.


We also advise you to see sponsorships from companies that may provide them or ask your university or institution for help.


Is MAM UP a free or paid event? How much will it cost?

Model ASEAN Meeting is the initiative from the Department of International Relations at Universitas Pertamina in instilling educational values and characters towards the society. Student's participation in the event will hopefully increase their knowledge and awareness about ASEAN and Southeast Asian regional issues.

Thus to ensure that we can do this every year and further improve our event, you will have to pay a fairly small fee to participate, but we promise we will do our best to deliver an unforgettable event with benefits that far outweighs the cost.

Due to COVID-19 pandemic, we are very sorry to announce that MAM UP 2021 will be held online. But don't worry, we will bring you to a whole new experience journey of MAM UP 2021 and we will also held an International Webinar as an opening event which will be open for public.

Early Bird

- Individual Delegates USD 5 (IDR 40,000)

- Dialogue Partner USD 3.5 (IDR 28.000) *Limited seats
- International Journalist

Regular Phase
- Individual Delegates 
USD 7 (IDR 60,000)
- Dialogue Partner USD 6 (IDR 51.000) *Limited seats

International Journalist Free 
- International Seminar Free


Who can register to this event?

Model ASEAN Meeting Universitas Pertamina is an event open to all university and high school students across ASEAN member states! If you are currently in any of the ASEAN member state and you are of ASEAN Nationality, we welcome you to join us as delegates!

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