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Letter from the Secretary-General


This year, people are starting to get back to their activities. However, that does not mean the COVID-19 issue has stopped at this point. Countries are still trying to make a recovery in all aspects, especially in Southeast Asia. With the principle of ASEAN cooperation called ASEAN WAY, we, Model ASEAN Meetings Pertamina University (MAM-UP) 2021, will invite you as future leaders to give your ideas in resolving the COVID-19 issues. To make it more specific, we arrange the grand theme "Virtual MAM-UP 2021: Connectivity as Strategy on Recovering from COVID-19". Of course, we will present something different. We are holding a new pillar, namely ARF (ASEAN Regional Forum), for high school students. Even though our event will be held online, it will not reduce the sense of togetherness between us, even it is just a little thing. MAM-UP 2021 would become more attractive and exciting in terms of substantial issues and delegates' experience. Additionally, we will provide plenty of benefits that delegates could get only in MAM-UP 2021.

I am Secretary-General of MAM-UP 2022, present you the 6th MAM-UP, and invite future leaders to give your best solutions.  

And finally, see you on our event.
With pleasure, Thank you.

Best Regards,


Putri Nabila







Secretary General

 Model ASEAN Meeting Universitas Pertamina 2022


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