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Mandiri Bank

How To Send at Mandiri Bank

Mandiri Bank

Mandiri Bank

How to send at Mandiri Bank

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Things you should know❗

•Strongly recommended for Indonesian delegates
•Local (Indonesia): IDR 60.000 (registration fee) + IDR 6.500 (administration fee)
•International: US$7 (registration fee) + administration fee that may varies depends on your country and how you'd like to pay.

Our details information you’ll need to make a wire transfer❗

-Bank Name: PT. Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk. (Indonesia)/ Bank Mandiri
-Bank Address: -
-SWIFT Code / BIC : -
-Account Name : -
-Account Number : -
-Recipient's Address: -

Listed below are some instructions for international wire transfer depends on the method you choose❗

You’ve got four main options for sending an international wire transfer:
1. Through your bank’s online banking services
2. In person at your bank branch
3. Over the phone by calling your bank
4. Via a specialist money transfer service

 1. Send an international wire online through your banking portal

1. Go to your bank’s wire transfer section. This will usually be found by visiting your bank’s main website, looking at the top       of the page for Wire transfers, Send money, Transfer money or similar.
2. Verify your sending limits. Banks often place limits on outgoing wire transfers, so confirm that your bank’s limit is high         enough for your transfer. 
3. Enter our bank information.
4. Enter sending amount and desired currency. Make sure you check and confirm the details. Your bank will likely charge a        currency exchange fee on top of a sending fee.
5. Pay for the transfer and the fees. 
6. That's it. Get a receipt and keep it somewhere safe.

 2. Send an international wire transfer in person at your bank branch

1. Be sure to bring your ID and your banking details and identification, together with details of ours.
2. Ask the teller to start an international wire transfer.
3. In-branch transfers are similar to online transfers, except you’ll be providing the details to another person instead of             filling in a form online.
4. You’ll go through the same process for transfer limits, recipient details, fees and exchange rates, funding your transfer           and final confirmation.

 3. Over the phone by calling your bank

Some banks let you contact their call-center to make an international wire transfer. These work in a similar way to in-branch transfers, and you’ll just need to follow the instructions of the customer service agent.

 4. Use a specialist international money transfer service

International wire transfers through your bank are really expensive. If you just want to know the fastest, easiest and cheapest ways to send money overseas, we recommend using a specialist money transfer service. Depending on how much you’re sending and where you’re sending the money, we recommend:
-TransferWise: Available in
Thailand, Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore
-WorldRemit: Available in
Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam

There are several factors to consider when choosing a company/service to handle your next international money transfer:
-Compare exchange rates. The better the exchange rate, the better value for money you can get on a transfer. 
-Check transaction fees. Fees can range from US$0 up to US$60, so it pays to compare fees across providers. Some online          transfer companies also waive their fees when you send large amounts.
-A range of transfer destinations. Check to see whether Indonesia is supported by the transfer provider you select, as well as    whether you can send money in the currency you want.

Please note that you will be charged an administration fee no matter what payment method you choose. Make sure that we will be receiving the total amount of the registration fees (US$7)/(IDR 60.000) , so we will not get less than we originally request. 

Once you had made your payment, please make sure to send us a proof of payment (a picture or a screenshot of the payment slip/receipt, and so on.) through with subject: PAYMENT COMPLETED_MAM UP 2021. Please introduce yourself first (the email must containing at least your full name, your institution, and what country you are from). 

Note: Fees may vary based on transaction details such as transfer amount, payment type, destination country, and delivery method and are subject to change without notice. Fees provided are estimates only and are not guaranteed. Additional taxes and fees may apply.

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