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"Adressing Global Challenges Towards the Implementation of ASEAN SHIELD Initiative"




The theme's three main components are as follows;

     First, is "strengthening bonds through mutual cooperation". Moving forward ASEAN will look towards a more dynamic and integrated organization, taking advantage of technological advancements brought by the 4th Industrial Revolution, enriching ASEAN in its cooperation and competitiveness. ASEAN will work towards building a more cooperative and "close" partnership with ASEAN Member States as well as it's Dialogue Partners, signifying its relevance through active cooperation with the international community. ASEAN will strive for improved connectivity, and work towards strengthening bonds within the region and work together in facing the challenges that threatens to disrupt the peace and stability within the region such as human trafficking, drug smuggling, and transnational crimes and terrorism.

     Second, is "sustainability". ASEAN wishes to develop sustainability in all dimensions. Through mutual cooperation, ASEAN wishes to set sustainable goals to support this in all dimensions possible including a sustainable digital economy, promoting sustainable green economy, renewable energy policies, energy security, as well as sustainable development. We wish to develop as a region together and strive to achieve sustainable goals to reduce disparity and improve living conditions within the region.

     Third, is "diversity". ASEAN as a region is home to a vibrant mix of cultures, ethnicity and identities. ASEAN wishes to further improve mutual cooperation by preparing the youths of ASEAN for changing demographics through a shared identity to be reflected in our education. ASEAN seeks to further improve the region and it's integration through plans for developing better education for all ASEAN Member States, increasing opportunities for employment within the region in face of challenges that are presented by continued ASEAN integration and changing demographics.

ASEAN Community Council Themes

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