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Virtual MAM UP: Addressing global challenges towards the implementations of ASEAN SHIELD initiatives

2nd - 4th December, 2022
Jakarta, Indonesia

What is MAM UP?

Model ASEAN Meeting Universitas Pertamina (MAM UP) is ASEAN Conference simulation hosted by Universitas Pertamina. It involves students from all over Southeast Asia who will act as the delegation of ASEAN countries, discussing political, economic, socio-cultural, and regional issues in the ASEAN region.

What's in store for you

Networking with the best Youths and future leaders of ASEAN

Here at MAM UP you will have the opportunity to network and form connections with new people, be it the delegates, organizers, sponsors, speakers, and chairman. This will be a chance for you to mingle and get to know new people from different backgrounds, something useful in shaping your future career path.

ASEAN Meeting Mechanisms

and Atmosphere

As delegates, you will participate in a simulation of ASEAN meetings. Following the ASEAN way and it's mechanisms, you will experience a fast paced, intense conference, while still enjoying this unique experience. You, along with hundreds of other participants from all around Southeast Asia will be able to have fun in various activities organized by the committee

Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

Here delegates will push themselves to propose new ideas, further developing their critical thinking skills. Here they will experience ASEAN mechanisms, forcing them to adhere to certain rules. This makes it critical that they communicate effectively in sharing their perspectives with others to find solutions to the complex issues addressed in the meetings.

Great Leadership, Diplomacy and Negotiation Practice

Here at MAM UP we strive to help young leaders develop their skills in diplomacy and negotiation, following ASEAN mechanisms to instill knowledge and experience in how to conduct negotiations tactfully in a cooperative and result-oriented manner, following the ASEAN way.

Public Speaking

During the conference delegates will find themselves in situations where they must formally speak in front of an audience. In many occasions they will deliver speeches, be interviewed, attend a Press Conference, and be put on the spot and have to speak publicly. Here you will have the chance to further improve your public speaking skills.

Series of Activities


International Webinar

Model ASEAN Meeting Universitas Pertamina will held an International Webinar as an opening event of MAM UP 2021 which will be open for public. In this event, participants will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and insight by discussing the topic related to MAM UP’s Grand Theme "Virtual MAM UP: Connectivity as Strategy on Recovering from COVID-19" which will be presented by expert speakers.

Workshop International Journalist

A person who is given a task to do documentation of an ongoing meeting. At the end of the meetings, journalists should make a report of their documentation as the assignment.


ASEAN Preparation Class

Delegates preparation class by ASEAN Foundation on the subject to prepare delegates for the upcoming meeting events of MAM UP.


Meeting Session

A team of delegates will be assigned as representatives of an ASEAN Member State, acting as Heads of Governments, Ministers, Senior Officers, and Ministers of Foreign Affairs, and will attend meetings for the 4 ASEAN Pillars: Political-Security, Economic, Socio-Cultural, and Regional Issues.


ASEAN Summit

The ASEAN Summit will be the peak of the Model ASEAN Meeting. Here all delegates will participate in a meeting that will finalize all previous agendas and create a joint statement all member states have agreed upon.


Closing Ceremony

Closing Ceremony is an awarding event which will give awards to delegates for their performance in the events of MAM UP according to several categories. This event is also the last closing event of MAM UP 2021.

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