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     Dear delegates from lands of near or far away, welcome to the 2023 Pertamina University's Model Asean Meeting! I would like to represent all my beloved colleagues in the event preparation committee that we would want to thank you and welcome you for participating in our long-awaited event. Filled with curiosity and willingness to learn, I think everyone who participated and joined these kinds of events are someone who would want to sharpen and test their skills and knowledge which is positive attributes that I think everyone who reads this current message possess and should receive appreciation for at least from themselves. Perhaps one day, the young aspiring talents who participated today be the world's leading diplomats and agent of change for the better in the future bringing world peace and solutions into international problems a future I hope would be our reality. We might not be astronauts yet, but I hope today would be the day where all of you made your first small steps for man, one giant leap for mankind. Once again, we are honored to welcome you.

Best Regards,
Zaki Ahmadiwinata

Secretary-General Model ASEAN Meeting
University of Pertamina 2023


         Model ASEAN Meeting University of Pertamina (MAM UP) is an annual activity organized under the auspices of the International Relations Research Program of the University of Pertamina. This year, Model ASEAN Meeting opens registration for high school students and this advice helps participants play the role of a delegate representing ASEAN Countries to actualize each of their country’s interests and discuss with the other delegates to come out with the best resolution that is acceptable to every country. Participants will discuss actual and factual issues at the regional level and declare position papers related to the theme. This activity aims to provide insight, especially in the ASEAN region, strengthen domestic and foreign relationships and develop soft skills such as public speaking, diplomacy and negotiation. MAM UP aims to provide high school students with broader access to international education, MAM UP also helps us maximize the skills that are important in the digital age.


     The 8th ASEAN Pertamina University Meeting (MAM-UP) Model in 2023 is an ASEAN meeting simulation activity that involves students from all over Indonesia and is open to all ASEAN citizens from ASEAN member countries and also delegates who come from outside ASEAN but might have a quiet interest. The meeting of the great powers has the aim of creating an effort that can help overcome these problems. Cooperation on the strategy that has been made will be manifested into the three main pillars that support ASEAN. The three pillars include the ASEAN Socio- Cultural Community (ASCC), the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC), and the ASEAN Political Community (APSC).

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